4 Aussie Heroes is a Charitable Foundation, being a not for profit, unlisted public company. After extensive consultation with other organisations working for veterans and including health professionals, plus the study of relevant and credible research and other papers and reports, a gap in the rehabilitation process for suffering war veterans was identified.

“Struggling military and first responder personnel, past and present, deserve all the support that they can get, and I’m all for supporting the ‘4 Aussie Heroes Foundation’ in their quest to provide that much needed support . We owe it to them.”

Wally Lewis AM
Rugby League Legend
& TV Sports Presenter

With an emphasis on such things as early intervention, professional care, meaningful support, camaraderie, improving self esteem, affordability, rehabilitation, and quality of life, coupled with short term accommodation in a relaxed rural environment, the concept of 4 Aussie War Vets Retreats was born.

“Camp Courage”, the first of several Retreats Australia wide, is planned for opening in South East Queensland late 2021.

Following a number of approaches, and understanding that the world-best-practice rehabilitation Programs being developed by the Foundation would suit first responders, a decision was taken by the Board of Directors to expand the focus of our rehabilitation work to include this very important and worthy group.

This necessitated a change of name to The 4 Aussie Heroes Foundation.

The end-result aim of Camp Courage and its programs is a dramatically enhanced quality of life for those military and first responder personnel, past and present who come to us with PTSD and related mental health issues, as a result of serving our great Nation and our Communities.

Programs involving the partners and children of this demographic are also catered for.

We ask all sectors of the Australian Community, to help us to achieve this aim.


A rural Retreat specialising in live-in rehabilitation programs for military and first responder personnel, past and present, who are suffering and struggling with PTSD and related mental health issues as a result of their service to our Nation and our Communities.



The James Frizelle "Camp Courage" Construction Update

Construction of the first two buildings, the Staff, Presenters & Facilitator's Cabin and the Dining Hall are well underway. All internal roadways are complete as are the underground reticulation of water, waste water, data and power - approximately 20 acres of the 32 acre site! Three 160,000ltr water tanks and six waste…


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