It is highly unlikely that any charitable Foundation will succeed in making a real difference without the help and support of individuals who are convinced of the value of its cause.

We at the 4 Aussie Heroes Foundation genuinely believe that there is no better cause than making a real and concerted effort to heal, aid and support those who are suffering and struggling as a direct result of serving our Nation and our Communities.

PTSD and other related mental health issues, while not being illnesses obvious to others, are terrible afflictions on those we exist to support, and brought on by trauma experienced in their service to us.

Suicide, substance abuse and domestic violence are often the regrettable consequence of the problem.

We are committed to making a real difference to these heroes’ quality-of-life, and in so doing, also having a major positive impact on both their immediate and extended families.

To fulfil this commitment, we need you, the Donor, the Volunteer, the Supporter of our events and campaigns, the Member, and let’s not forget the Influencer ie the Service Club President, the CEO or Marketing Manager or the Politician or Senior Bureaucrat.

We have been, and will continue to be, eternally grateful to all those contributors and supporters who have given us a "hand up" over the last couple years since the Foundation was established. The dimension of their contributions and support have generally been proportionate to their capacity to give, and therefore are all gratefully accepted.

We urge you to join this illustrious and much needed group now.