The Foundation's pivotal operational undertaking is one which will result in making a real difference in the quality of life, promote recovery, and save lives, of many who have served our Communities and our Nation, and their families.


The ultimate success of the Foundation will be judged by the success it achieves in the healing, care and support of our program participants, which in turn will be directly attributable to the quality and veracity of the program content, its delivery and the environment in which it is presented.

In relation to the all important aspect of program quality, the Foundation has been particularly fortunate that the following eminent professionals from within the fields of health and well being, program development, education and research, have collectively volunteered hundreds of hours of their valuable time in delivering the basis for the Foundation's Programs.

  • Gail Corrigan - B.Soc.Sci(Psych)(Hons), MPsych(Forensic), MPsych(Clinical)
  • Paul Sculley - ASM DSM, B.Soc.Sci(Psych), G.Dip.Soc.Sci, Master.Couns
  • Vikram Goel - MBSS FRANZCP
  • Nathan Green - MHSc, BAppSci(HMS), AEP, ESSAM
  • Karen Lochran - B.Occ.Thy
  • Jane Shakespear-Finch - PHD


Their time has so far been spent on developing the Foundation’s Model of Care, the inaugural holistic “Triumph over Trauma” Program including Program Overview, Components, Schedule, Detailed Session Notes and Outcome Measures, and to both a "Refresh" and "Buddy Champions" Program.


The conduct of the Foundation’s first two 11 day, live-in “Triumph over Trauma” Programs in 2019 received great results, with significant benefit shown to ex serving military personnel and past and present police, paramedics and “fireys”.  This trend has continued through the Foundation's 2020 and 2021 Programs.

Each “Triumph over Trauma” Program is followed 3 months later by a 2 day “Refresh” Program for the same Participants.

Our Goal is to substantially assist with providing a dramatically enhanced quality of life to this demographic, who come to us with PTSD and related mental health issues, and including any partners, children and support persons.


For details on our 11 day, live-in “Triumph over Trauma” Program;

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