Next Program - "The Outlook", Boonah, Sunday 12th May to Friday 24th May 2024, with its related "Refresh" program being Friday 9th August to Sunday 11th August 2024

Made possible by:
  • The James Frizelle Charitable Foundation
  • Hand Heart Pocket
  • RSL (Qld)
  • Coopers Brewery Foundation
  • The Mental Awareness Foundation

This is an 11 day live-in, rehabilitation type Program, delivered in a rural environment, made up of evidence-based and evidence-informed sessions and activities, specifically for military and first responder personnel, past and present, who are suffering and struggling with PTSD and related mental health issues.

For GPs, Psychologists or other medical professionals seeking more information on the "Triumph over Trauma" & "Refresh" programs, please click here.

Post Traumatic Growth is a key factor in this Program as is the measuring of outcomes and ongoing support.

This Program includes approximately 100 sessions, which represent a combination of educational and activity based therapy.

In addition to the evidence-based clinical therapeutic sessions facilitated by mental health practitioners, the following is a snapshot of some of the other evidence informed sessions which are beneficial to the vast majority of Participants.

  • Introduction to Equine Assisted Therapy
  • Introduction to Canine Support
  • Lived Experience Support
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Nutrition and Healthy Eating
  • Humour and Laughter Therapy
  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Participants need medical clearance from their GP or mental health specialist, and need to meet Intake Assessment criteria.

A maximum of 8 participants take part in each of these Programs.

Own room accommodation normally applies.

Participants’ Partners/Support Persons attend part of the Program, and are involved with their Participant in Sessions of Empathy, Understanding and Relationships.

There is a 3 day "Refresh" Program conducted 3 months after the main "Triumph over Trauma" Program for the same Participants.

This Program is at no direct cost to Participants as a result of generous sponsorships, philanthropic grants and the Foundation's fundraising activities.

To view a draft of the next Program's Sessions’ Schedule, please click here.

Enquiries are most welcome from both medical practitioners and potential participants. For further information please click here.

To read about the enormously positive Participant Feedback from past "Triumph over Trauma" Programs, please click here.

Our goal is to substantially assist with providing a dramatically enhanced quality of life to military and first responder personnel, past and present, who come to us with PTSD and other related mental health issues.

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